BOOK RELEASE / SIGNING Sat Oct 28th noon - 4PM INDIGO Kenaston Blvd Winnipeg !

    The recollection of a two year old girl’s first memory that will take you on a journey of  Love, hate, fear, passion, anger, failure, rejection, and  shame. YET,  the small windows of success, joy, laughter and  brief moments of freedom pass through the storm until  the “Breaking”!

    I called the book Breaking because it’s all about breaking. Breaking patterns, breaking depression, and any (what may appear to be irrevocable) challenges we experience in our lives. What seems imposible can still be possible! There is always an excape, always an opening! I wrote the book based on some of the events of my life believing it could become helpfull for someone else.
    One of my challenges, at least in the beginning, was to confront my phobia of not being able to leave the house, of not being able to work, of suffering depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Our society doesn’t always provide the tools to help those people that are faced with these challenges and are not able to take a step forward. I’ve been fortunate enough to push myself through all of these obstacles in my life without being a victim, without blaming my parents and blaming the world, without proclaiming that nobody loves me, nobody cares about me, nobody is listening to me, and that I wasn’t treated fairly.

    Reading my book will take you to a place where you start thinking about who you are in a different way. You may start thinking about what other people go through and suddenly find yourself wanting to give to other people because it takes the eyes off of what you’re going through. It will change the existing, pattern, dynamics and energy in and around you.

    In the end, “BREAKING” not only is an autobiography, but also a self-help book based on events that have taken place in my life, with a little bit of personal advice on how to get through some of those challenges. I’m hoping the book will help all those who need to forgive themselves, to believe that there is another day and that they can breathe again.

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